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Unfortunately, many truck drivers do not know how to choose the right truck tires. Faced in the process of operation with the need to replace tires, many truck owners are trying to buy the cheapest, in most cases, they are also the worst. But the quality of tires and wheels depends on the maximum mileage of rubber, handling vehicles, the quality of the suspension elements of the machine. Cargo tires-the basis of road safety, so it requires special attention in its selection and installation, do not skimp on the purchase of tires and cargo wheels. Whether the type of tires chosen depends on the axis on which they will be installed, the operating conditions of the machine, the characteristics of the roads, the type of transportation. All trucks (buses are a separate topic) have three axles: steering, driving and trailer axle. The difference is not only in the tread pattern, but in the load characteristics and composition of the rubber mixture. You need to use the tires according to the recommendations, it will increase their walking. In no case do not need to experiment with the dimensions of cargo tires. Use only those recommended by the factory. Even the smallest change can lead to a deterioration in the quality of the suspension and handling, which will greatly affect the safety of traffic. Tires require periodic technical inspections, and the more often, the better. Check them for external damage and the presence of foreign objects in the treads. Be sure to check the pressure in the tires: it affects the transfer of force during acceleration, the optimal mileage, comfort and a number of other factors. More than half of the truck tires due to mechanical damage do not pass and half of its life, which in most cases is due to inattention of the driver..


One of the first factors should be called a violation of the norms of air pressure inside the tires. It is obvious that low pressure leads to very rapid wear of tires for trucks. If the pressure is increased, it also leads to a decrease in the service life of truck tires. With increased pressure, the stress in the tire frame increases, which as a result leads to its rupture. Excessive overloading of truck tires also accelerates tire wear. As a rule, overload occurs as a result of uneven distribution of cargo in the body, as well as when loading a truck with a weight that exceeds the standard load capacity of the car. Signs of overloading the truck tires are visually noticeable too much deformation of the side walls of the tires, as well as sharp vibrations of the body during movement. When overloading, the handling of the truck also deteriorates. In any case, do not pump up the tires, hoping that in this way it will be possible to reduce the load on them. This will lead to a violation of the pressure norms, which not only will not improve the situation with the overload of tires, but on the contrary, will accelerate wear. Another factor that affects the rate of tire wear on trucks is the driving style of the vehicle. Worst of all, the tires are affected by sudden braking and the beginning of the movement with a slip, as well as driving close to the curbs, hitting various obstacles encountered on the way, etc. In order for tires on trucks to last longer, they must be timely cared for and repaired. As a result of untimely and irregular care of truck tires, they wear out much faster. For example, the time is not removed from the tread sharp foreign objects gradually penetrate deeper and as a result the tire is destroyed. In addition, it is necessary to carry out the first and second tire recovery in time. Do not violate the rules of installation and dismantling of tires. In case of non-compliance with all the rules, often appear mechanical damage to the tires. A factor that increases tire wear is the imbalance of the wheels. As a result of the lack of balance there is a periodic impact load on the tire, which leads to excessive stress of the tire frame and increases tread wear. In order for the tires to serve for a long time, it is necessary to monitor the serviceability of the steering control of the car, as well as to maintain the chassis in good condition..


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