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Next Generation Tyres

Bontyre – is an actively developing international tyre brand. Bontyre models are designed
in Russia with the latest technical solutions, which accumulate global experience in the development and production of tyres.

The Bontyre brand line includes the most popular and proven in the global tyre market models of tyres for cars, light trucks, trucks, buses and equipment for industry, construction and mining.
Bontyre experts are constantly work on expanding of the size and type of tyres. The quality of Bontyre tyres not only equal but also exceed the performance of premium brands

The optimized structure of the tyre tread in combination with the newest casing manufacturing technology allows to obtain a product with exceptionally high mileage potential and the possibility
of retreading.

All bontyre truck tyres could be retreaded, including tyres with mounting diameter of 20
inches. The cost of retreading is 50% from the cost of a new Bontyre tyre. Thus, if all
operation instructions are observed, the mileage of retreaded tyres equals to the mileage of a new ones.

Passenger car tyres Bontyre Stalker A/T are designed for SUVs. They are distinguished by modern and functional tread patterns. They are the quietest tyres in its class.

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