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The only in Russia OTR tyres retreading plant is in operation since 2011 in Samara region (OTR and SOTR).

LLC “Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya” retreads OTR tyres with Bontyre Retreading brand.

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Tyres, General mechanical rubber goods

and Caoutchouc 2012


The retreaded OTR tyres dimension-types at the plant are: 24.00 R35, 27.00 R49. 33.00 R51. 40.00 R57 with Customer's casings, that were in use, but did not loose application performance.

Rubber compound type of tread retreaded is defined in compliance with tyre operating conditions (in conditions of particular open-cast). Raw materials, that are used for production, are supplied from Europe by one of the world tyre market leaders - “KRAIBURG” Company (Austria).

Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya – is the only one retreading enterprise in Russia, where the shearography control set is used for OTR tyre non-destructive testing. The hologram allows to detect all tyre internal defects. Every retreaded tyre passes 100% incoming and outgoing inspection, and also gets passport and documentation confirming repair quality.

Hard operating conditions damage OTR tyre very fast, and taking into account its high cost, every enterprise would like to extend tyre service life to the maximum.

With regard to our experience, it is possible to retread up to 80% of discarded OTR tyres (according to mileage standards), and retreaded tyre endurance is almost equal to new one (+-10%). It means that OTR tyre retreading allows to:

  • reduce new OTR tyre cost almost in two times;

  • partially reduce shortfall for new tyres;

  • fully use casing service life;

  • partially solve OTR tyres recycling problem.

In total, economical benefit from the use of retreaded OTR tyres it is in cost reduction of every mined ton of raw materials, this cost reduction is concerned by every enterprise.

Retreaded OTR 33.00 R 51 – is the winner of contest “Best product”, presented at 15th international specific exhibition “TYRES, GENERAL MECHANICAL RUBBER GOODS AND CAOUTCHOUC 2012” Moscow.

The first test OTR tyre with dimension-type 40.00 R-57 was successfully retreaded on 17th of October 2012. It was the first time in Russia when tyre with such dimension-type was retreaded by “hot” mold cure method.

P.S. OTR tyres, new ones and retreaded, are not liable for regulatory certification, but Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya has no doubts about their production quality, thats why voluntary certification of production was made. It is confirmed by

conformity certificate No. ROSS RU.HX15.H06080, issued by technical regulation and metrology federal agency.

We are ready to meet and discuss further cooperation prospects in the field of OTR retreading.

LLC “Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya” OTR retreading line head Rodionov Igor Valerievich.

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Commercial Director of OTR Retreading Factory

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