Results of exhibition «Coal of Russia and Mining» city of Novokuzneck

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Results of exhibition «Coal of Russia and Mining» city of Novokuzneck

More than 21000 people visited the 19th International specially oriented exhibition “Coal and Mining in Russia”, 96% of them are – experts, representing coal, car manufacturers, iron and steel industry enterprises from cities of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world.

726 exhibitors from 24 countries took part in the exhibition – Australia, Austria, Republic of Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Poland, Russia, Serbia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden.

 The main exhibit by Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya – retreaded OTR tyre Bontyre Retreading in dimension-type 33.00 R 51 – aroused tremendous interest of coal industry enterprise heads. The tyre was retreaded at own plant in Samara region. Retreaded tyre endurance is almost the equal to new tyre endurance (+- 10%). Today it is possible to retread OTR and SOTR from 25 to 57 inches at the company plant.

 Also the new line of Bontyre all-steel tyres was introduced.

 Among all advantages it is important to mention Bontyre structure – all-steel casing. It provides many new opportunities to customers, including the possibility to retread. The plain evidence of that were two retreaded truck tyres Bontyre retreading, also introduced at company's stand. Bontyre tyres can be retreaded. Many visitors discovered for the first time, that it was possible to retread tyres even with 20 rim diameter.

The latest technologies and equipment for coal and mining industry enterprises, underground building were also intriduced at exhibition sections; a whole range of goods and services in the field of process safety; modern methods and protection facilities from dangerous factors and occupational hazards and many other things.

By tradition the competition for the best exhibit of 19th International specially oriented exhibition “Coal and Mining in Russia” was carried out to the extent of the exhibition.

In total 100 application were filed for the competition. The committee highly appreciated advantages and exclusiveness of the exhibits, introduced by our company.

Our company got silver medal and diploma for “Development and implementation of new technology solutions for mining industry” for retreaded OTR tyre Bontyre Retreading 33.00R51 BT-595 and retreaded truck tyre Bontyre Retreading BT-730.

Truck tyre BT-304 with all-purpose tread pattern and all-steel casing in dimension-type 12.00 R-20, specially designed for hard operating conditions, was also marked by diploma.

We are most grateful to all the visitors of our exhibit from different cities of Russia.

P.S. See you later at International exhibition “Interauto-2012”, that will take place from 28th till 31st of August 2012 in Moscow city MVC (International Exhibition Center) “Crocus-Expo” hall No.3, stand No. K 441.

Photoreport from the exhibition “Coal and Mining in Russia” Novokuznetsk city.

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