Latest offer – Bontyre WinMax!

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Latest offer – Bontyre WinMax!


  • Winter studless tyre designed specially for severe conditions
  • Great braking characteristics on ice and snow
  • Fuel economy even in winter conditions
  • Excellent handling and traction on snow
  • High protection from hydroplaning and exclusive handling on wet road
  • Even treadwear
  • Stable driving characteristics during transportation of heavy loads

Bontyre represents “Season-Adaptive” studless tyre WinMax
Recently winter surprises with its temperature swings. The 30OC below zero can suddenly change to a thawing weather, and ice and snow can turn to mess and puddle in just a few days. In such weather conditions you should choose winter tyres that will guarantee good handling and safety, especially if it is a commercial vehicle.

Bontyre represents a new studless winter tyre WinMax designed specially for light trucks and minibuses. This tyre perfectly suits for city driving and long hauls.

Innovative compound composition withstands heavy frost, the tyre keeps elastic in a wide range of temperature which allows to extend the tyre life while continuous exploitation and to provide a high efficiency.

Due to honeycomb structure and frequent lamellaes in the contact area pattern, the tyre “sticks” to the road surface, thus increasing the handling ability of tyre on turn.

Directional tread pattern with deep cross sectional grooves provide effective self-cleaning, reducing hydroplaning risks. At the same time the tyre approved itself off the road and in deep loose snow.

«Season-Adaptive» technology elongates the life time of WinMax without seasonal change. Commercial transport as you know is operated in harder conditions. Everyday operation and very high mileage results in a fast treadwear. Bontyre developers found a way of turning this disadvantage into an advantage. Now drivers of light trucks and minibuses can stop worrying about seasonal tyre change, inconvenience of keeping additional tyres and paying extra charges for tyre assembling. The rubber compound that we use for WinMax provides gradual and even treadwear. Special constructional aspects of lamelleas of WinMax allow to use this tyre during summer season after being used in winter. Due to reduced depth of lamelleas, the tread blocks become more stable and the tyre meets all  requirements for summer tyres mounted on commercial vehicles.

The production of WinMax tyres have started in Summer 2014 and is represented in the most popular sizes -  195/75 R16 and 225/75 R16. In the near future the range will be broaden up to 5 sizes.

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