Reviews: Renault Duster & Bontyre Stalker A/T

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Reviews: Renault Duster & Bontyre Stalker A/T




I bought Bontyre Salker A/T 215/65R16 for Renault Duster in March 2015. Mainly I use my car on asphalt roads (I live in the city + long distances), sometimes also go fishing, to the beach and etc.

Earlier I had standard tyres that I didn't like. Too tough and unpredictable on wet road. After a long overthinking I chose Bontyre Stalker A/T, quite new one. Also looked at other tyre brands with A/T patterns. Price + quality... this was the cheapest, and I liked the tread design.




So, I paid 11.520 RUB ($140) for the set. In whole I'm happy. The tyre's worth it. I've been driving it for 3 months. Tread still looks like new one, like just yesterday bought. Balanced quite well, not more than 50g per side, that is a really good value for an A/T tyre. I mounted Bontyre Stalker A/T in March, so I was lucky to try them in snow slush and ice.


Now, one by one:


  1. Noise level. I replaced Renault Duster standard tyres for Bontyre Stalker A/T and didn't notice it, cause there wasn't more noise than before. Despite the deep A/T tread, the tyre goes noiseless and softly on the road.

  2. Asphalt. Rain + wet asphalt gets 5 out of 5. The tyre is quite comfortable on road junctions and chuck holes.

  3. Earth road and light off-road. Allows to be on speed enough for sand and dirt road. Much better than highway tyres. You can even go to beach.

    Quite acceptable for driving on ground and in dirt. On real mud it's better to drive not reducing the speed. But don't forget that it's A/T type of tyre, not M/T one.

    In one word Bontyre Stalker A/T left a very good impression. For having A/T tyres the car goes and does it confidently, except for real off-road where you need Mud Terrain tyres.

  4. Snow and ice. I happened to “catch” the last winter snow. On light ice it goes like a typical all season tyre. But. It's not a winter tyre in fact. If you drive quite carefully, the tyre can be used in winter. Tyres grip in snow slush like A/T should do.

  5. Braking is predictable on any surface. On ice it's like an average all season tyre (as I described it in the previous item).

  6. Tyre wear. 5 000 km gone and no wear visible. The tyre looks the same, like you bought it just yesterday. No blisters or cuts, despite the fact that I used it enough on sharp stones and cought lots of holes, quite harsh sometimes.



Excellent tyre at excellent price.

You can drive this tyre in and out of the city.



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