Reviews: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Bontyre Stalker A/T 265/65 R17

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Reviews: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Bontyre Stalker A/T 265/65 R17




In spring 2014 Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya introduced to the market its new tyre Bontyre Stalker A/T intended for off-road vehicles in four the most popular sizes 195/75 R16, 205/75R15, 215/65R16 and 225/75R16 that quickly became known as comfortable and not expensive tyres approving themselves both on asphalt roads, in and out of the city, as well as in quite heavy off-road. Just the tyres appeared on the market, they quickly found their fans who duly appreciated the quality and performance of new tyres. And it's not surprising as the size range perfectly fits the following car models: 195/75 R16, 205/75R15, 215/65R16 for Niva 4x4; 225/75 R16 for UAZ series.

But the world does not stand still. And, if in 2014 new Bontyre tyres could be admired by the owners of not expensive, mostly Russian off-roaders. At the beginning of 2015 Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Companiya introduced the same Bontyre Stalker A/T tyres, but already in the sizes for premium off-road vehicles. So the product range of quite cheap and having good quality tyres was increased by 12 sizes. While planning new sizes, maximum number of factors was taken into account. The factors that should satisfy all the demands raised to A/T type of tyres for expensive heavy off-roaders. So here you got an increased load index, stronger casing together with the sidewall, outlined white letters marking the A/T tyre class, that is so admirable for tempted searchers of freedom on off-road spaces.

When Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya was planning the size range of a new product line, they were trying to cover the maximum number of all popular tyre sizes which the tyre market demands. We will not pay attention to all sizes of Bontyre Stalker A/T for now, you can find them at the end of this article or on the company's website. Let's analyze real values of Bontyre Stalker A/T 265/65 R17 that were found out during the driving in heavy field conditions.

I was excited as well as the members of Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya. All were eager to try them on real road. It's one thing to tell how good the tyre is. And totally another one not to be scared to test it in real, harsh and what is the most important fair field conditions. So, it's the time to see what we've got.





After the tyre fitting we came out to the highway, did not drive too fast, ran on the comfortable speed about 90-100 km/h. After having passed 100 km, we already had some particular opinion. Impression from the asphalt driving was more than just “OK”. First we got: silence in the car interior, the car goes smoothly and confidently. Braking on dry asphalt is excellent, no whistle, braking distance is short, no wheel sliding, no swinging in the track pit. So here's excellent. Sometimes we caught puddles, decided to try tyres in water and remained satisfied: no hydroplaning noticed, Bontyre Stalker A/T 265/65 R17 met the challenge.

So, when driving on the asphalt the tyre showed good results. But we still didn't know what to expect in mud. As Bontyre Stalker A/T is A/T type and here mud going capacity is if not the first, but still very important.

So, we were looking for mud to test the tyres. Like they say “Those who seek will find!”. And we found.


Off-road test


We were excited about the forthcoming trip. Everyone who took part in passing through the mud was worrying. We need the result – so let's go!


We wanted to try and we dared.


Tyres for real off-roaders:)


Appetite comes with driving! Or the more in mud, the more the excitement!



And here we outdared. The car rushed forward confidently throughing away kilos of sticky blackearth. We didn't change down and didn't lock on purpose. Sometimes that can turn out badly and result in a long walk till the nearest village looking for a tractor. But this fact didn't hamper us to move on.


Steady in mud.


Goes like an M/T tyre.


Thanks to aggressive tread pattern with differently directed tread blocks the car copes with the challenge hitting the washed out Russian off-road.


Confidently rushes forward on mud


Goes like a tractor tyre



The next photo shows fast tread self-cleaning owing to wide longitudinal and cross-cut grooves. This is of high importance when talking about All Terrain tyres as the separate type of tyres. If we omit this parameter without estimating and duly thinking over all the things, the tyre will simply wear, tread pattern will become mud clogged and the wheel will lose ground grip. Simply said, the tyre will stop gripping and biting into the mud. Your car will stuck and you'll have to go for a tow car. Bontyre Stalker A/T developers estimated everything and gave us possibility to enjoy easy and quiet off-road driving.


High tread self-cleaning



So, kilometres passed in terrible mud, something more or less similar to hard surface showed. It's a pity a bit, as we want to retry the ride. We liked it so much!Whithin the whole way we didn't have any difficulties connected with its overcoming. Apart from the thick mud “suntan” on the body, it may seem nothing happened at all. Like there was no sticky freasy mud, deep puddles and track pit that was left by something very similar to tractor.When sharing views there was none who didn't want to go back and try it once again.


High tyre self-cleaning


Having just come into the firm ground, tread pattern cleaned till the end.


Looks powerful


Now it's time to sum up.

Bontyre Stalker A/T fully corresponds to all the world trends set to A/T type of tyres. This is really comfortable, soft and noiseless tyre on the asphalt surface, that provides confident and, what is more, safe dry and wet driving. There is no doubts that this tyre can be used in daily rides whithin the city and will not affect the driving. As for the off-road driving – only applause. A/T tyre (please note, not M/T one, that was actually made for such severe conditions) is capable to overcome the road piece with slushy mud without any problems.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with Bontyre Stalker A/T 265/65R17


Bontyre Stalker A/T 265/65 R17 fully corresponds to the concept of this type of tyres. Soft and noiseless, it has a high comfort level on the asphalt surface, both within the city and on the highway. Having high performance the tyre will perfectly fit those who leads an active life connected with hunting, fishing and others, and who doesn't look back at the weather forecast. Bontyre Stalker A/T 265/65R17 doesn't accept any compromises between the comfort of asphalt driving and desire to go away of the bustle of the city. If taking into account that A/T tyres are destined to be between the comfort and performace, Bontyre Stalker A/T comes up to function as it is supposed to!


And the video of our off-road testing as a bonus:



As promised before, we'll try to describe the size range and application on the most popular off-road vehicles:

215/70 R16 – factory size for Kia Sportage, Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai ix35. Also can be mounted on the cars with factory size 215/65 R16.

225/85 R16, 235/85 R16, 245/75 R16 – all UAZ models, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT-50, Mitsubishi L200, Volkswagen Amarok.

265/70 R16, 265/75R16 – UAZ Patriot, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Toyota Land Cruiser 80, 90, 100.

285/75 R16 - for those cars where 265/75R16 is mounted

225/65 R17 – factory size of Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Suzuki Grand Vitara. Also for those cars with factory size 225/60 R17, like Hyundai ix35, Kia Sportage, Nissan X-trail, Renault Koleos, Ssang Yong Actyon, Subaru Outback and Forester.

265/65 R17 – factory size for Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Lexus GX.

Also can be mounted on cars with factory size 255/65 R17 – Nissan Pathfainder and Navara

265/60 R18 – all these cars with the size 265/65 R17

285/60 R18 – Lexus LX Toyota, Land Cruiser 200

Of course, the mounting list is approximate and doesn't cover all the off-road models (here are only the most popular).


Price tag: 50USD per tyre.



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