Bontyre all-steel tyres demonstrate great results in comparison to nearest competitors.

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Bontyre all-steel tyres demonstrate great results in comparison to nearest competitors.

More and more enterprises, that use Bontyre all-steel tyres, speak positively about their performance. Feedbacks confirm, that Bontyre tyres combine well the qualities like cost effectiveness and reliability. According to customers, that use Bontyre all-steel tyres, the endurance is increased more than 100% in comparison to combined tyres with radial structure (casing from textile cord).

According to leading automobile company LLC “Vasilievskoye”in Samara region, the total mileage of tyres BT-281 in dimension-type 10.00 R-20 at dairy factory from April 2011 till August 2012 was 240 000 km (170 000 for truck and 70 000 for trailer). After this mileage the residual tread depth is 4mm and tyres are still operating.

According to the data from CJSC “Auto-Trans-Company” the total mileage of tyres BT-310 from September till June 2012 was 60 000 km, however the tread was worn out only for 30%. Equivalent tyres with textile casing of nearest competitors were fully worn out or recycled after the same mileage.

Many enterprises, that replaced all tyres at their truck fleet by Bontyre tyres, note not only reducing purchasing cost of new tyres (by means of endurance increasing), but also fuel consumption reducing.

According to the data from LLC “Kompaniya TsenterBeton” Ufa city, when using Bontyre tyres BT-310 in dimension-type 11.00 R-20 from August 2011 till March 2012 it was detected the great reduction of:

  • expenses for tyre purchasing in view of mileage increasing up to 80% in comparison to equivalent tyres with textile casing by other manufactures;
  • expenses, caused by forced outage by reason of tyres breakdown;
  • expenses for fuel, oil and lubricants for 15-17% (according to data by Global Navigation Satellite System of trackers).

Enterprises have positive feedbacks about Bontyre tyre running characteristics in hard road conditions and weather conditions. According to UPATP (Public Transport Enterprise) No.1 GUP (State Unitary Enterprise) “Bashautotrans” branch in Republic of Bashkortostan, Bontyre tyres provide good traction on wet and dry road, and also more quiet movement in comparison to home-made tyre. Drivers note resistance to mechanical damages and sidewall cuts, increased resistance to uneven wear.

Majority of enterprises consider, that possibility to retread and use in future are the cost efficient advantages of Bontyre all-steel tyres.

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