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New arrivals of Bontyre tyres is perfect solution for use in hard operating conditions, in part thanks to robust wear resistance. Bontyre brand has achieved superior quality in production of tyres, we also provide the customers with following advantages:

Advantages of Bontyre all-steel tyres New possibilities
High casing strength The use of high quality cord for BONTYRE casing production allows the tyre to withstand higher loads.
Increased endurance All-steel casing and the use of specially developed rubber compound increases BONTYRE tyres endurance for more than 100% in comparison to combined tyres with radial structure (with fabric cord casing).
Fuel consumption Due to BONTYRE tyres structure (all-steel casing), tyre deflection is minimized when in motion, that decreases rolling resistance and, subsequently, reduces fuel consumption.
Tyres R-20, R-21 and R-24 with all-steel casing Tyres  R-20, R-21, R-24 on all-steel casings. You buy tyres already equipped with repairable tube and rim strip. You can retread tyres with the size of R-20, R-21 and R-24.
Used tyres sales You can sell us used BONTYRE tyres. We are ready to pay for them 6-10% of the new tyre cost, which is from 500 to 3000 rubles (15-100$).
Possibility to retread All BONTYRE all-steel tyres can be retreaded. Reliable BONTYRE casing and KRAIBURG (Austria) rubber compound combination helps to bring retreaded tyre mileage nearer to new tyre mileage to the maximum.


Your benefit when buying and using Bontyre

As an example - Size 12.00 R-20 Combined fabric tyre casing BONTYRE all-steel tyre
New tyre average market cost, rub. 12600 13950
Average tyre endurance, km 70 000 130 000
Possibilities for retreading no yes
Endurance after retreading, km - 110 000
Total mileage(endurance), km 70 000 240 000
One truck average kilometrage per year, km 100 000 100 000
Tyre life per year 0,7 2,4
1 tyre retreading cost, rub. - 5900
Tyres needed for 1 wheel operation for 2,4 years, in pcs. 3,5 1
1 tyre recycling cost, rub. 100 100
Recycling cost for 2,4 years 350 100
Average expenses annually , rub. 18150 5854
1000 km usage cost per 1 tyre, rub. 181 58

Therefore, expenses of customers who use Bontyre "all-steel" tyres are 3 times less, versus fabric casing tyres.

Even more, if you add 15% of savings on fuel consumption, thanks to Bontyre "all-steel" tyres, and re-examine total savings, then it is safe to say that Bontyre – Smart Choice for all.

Possibility to retread