Advantages of retreaded OTR tyres

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Ru En

Hard operating conditions damage OTR tyre very fast, and taking into account its high cost, every enterprise would like to extend tyre service life to the maximum.

With regard to our experience it is possible to retread up to 80% of discarded OTR tyre (according to mileage standards), and retreaded tyre endurance is almost equal to new one (+-10%). It means that OTR tyre retreading allows to:

Advantages of retreaded OTR tyres
lower new OTR tyre costs in almost two times
partially curb shortfall for new tyres
fully use carcass service life
partially solve OTR tyres recycling problem

In total, economic benefit from the use of retreaded OTR tyres is in cost reduction of every ton of raw materials mined, and this is the concern of every enterprise.