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"Povolzhskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya", LLC ("PSK", LLC) is official representative of tyres under the brand name Bontyre on Russian and all global markets.

Bontyre product range offers the most demanded tyre sizes in Russia and Europe. The size chart includes tyres with mounting diameters from 15 to 24 inches for passenger cars, trucks and buses.

Optimized construction of tyre treads in combination with new found technologies in casing fabrication, indicates that resulting quality of a tyre provides exclusively high potential to increase mileage and possibility for retreading.

The use of metal cords in the casing construction of tyres with mounting diameter 20 inches definitely increases casing durability and makes tyres capable to withstand high loads Driving becomes more sustainable on the road. All that guarantees noticeably increased mileage and even tread wear. Besides that, all-steel tyre structure lowers fuel consumption due to low rolling resistance.

All Bontyre truck tyres can be retreaded, including tyres with mounting diameter of 20 inches.

The cost of retreading is 50% from the cost of new tyre Bontyre. Thus, if all recommendations of exploitation are complied with, the mileage of retreaded tyres equals to the mileage of new tyres.

Today Bontyre expands the range of tyres, not only for long and regional haul, but also introduces new tyre models for passenger cars, light trucks and heavy road equipment.

Bontyre tyres are developed applying cutting-edge technical solutions representing the best global practice in the field of tyre design and production.


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